zondag 24 februari 2013

Bicycle ban on state roads in Missouri, USA

Well, I guess it is a winner in terms of reducing the number of road accidents involving bicyclists. But apart from that, what a stupid, bluntly bill, showing nothing but the lack of understanding mobility in a non-motorized way.

This really bad bill was posted by Republican Bart Korman and reads:

2. Notwithstanding any provision of this section or any other law, bicycle operation on a state-maintained roadway is prohibited when there is a state-owned bicycle path or trail that runs generally parallel to and within two miles of a state roadway, except a bicycle may operate on the shoulder of a state roadway when the bicycle is operated as a means to ride to or from the operator’s home to another residence, to a place of business, to a school, or to any public facility.

So before you begin your commute:
think about the roads you will travel and check if they are state-owned or not. If yes: check if there is a bicycle path within a 2 mile radius. If yes, you should take the bicyle path. If no: you cannot start your commute without risking penalties OR make sure you have prove that you are riding from your own home to another home, shop, business, school etc.

It seems kinda logic to me that you are always heading somewhere? Even when you're riding for fun, you go to some place no?
Also, it is clearly not understood by Mr. Korman that commuting cyclists search for the most optimal route and that in terms of safety and distance. If the bicycle path is used by multiple types of cyclists (recreational, professional, commuters, families with children on bikes) I would know which way to take: the big roads! Just to avoid problems with other users and to optimise my commute. Moreover, I wouldn't want to make a detour of several miles because I could not use a state-owned road. This is just a shallow way of reasoning that only makes sense to car riders and which can be very dangerous for the promotion of healthy, environmentfriendly and fun modes of transportation: bikes.

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